Smart Social, Globally.

Do you want to work at The Social Element? As a fast-growing global social media agency, we are always interested in hearing from talented community managers, social media managers, and user-generated content (UGC) moderators who are passionate about creating an engaging online experience.

And if you speak more than one language, even better – many of our clients are leading international brands who engage with their customers in multiple languages.

Flexible Working Hours and Locations

Our amazing team is based around the globe, not quite from Antigua to Zanzibar, but pretty much everywhere in between. As a distributed workforce, we offer the opportunity to work flexible hours across different time zones. This suits our staff, it suits us, and it suits our clients.

If you are interested in joining the The Social Element team, please submit your CV or resume via the Submit Resume form under the Candidate Area at the top of the page. We will contact you when a relevant opportunity arises.

The Social Element Values

Do it well
Be one team
Do the right thing
Keep pioneering
Make them smile

Our partners, Moderation Gateway, provide expert online training for people wishing to embark on a career in professional, user-generated content moderation. Their certified foundation course covers best practice, current legislation, and training on leading social media platforms.

What our people say

Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
I’m incredibly happy to be working with The Social Element. It’s an amazing organisation that carries through a supportive ethos both internally and externally.
Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
As a mom, I feel so incredibly lucky to work for a company that supports work-life balance and flexibility in scheduling. I have the work-from-home job my friends dream about.
Community ManagerCommunity Manager
I feel valued by the higher-ups and my peers and have been offered wonderful growth experiences.
Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
Variety is the key to a happy work experience. At The Social Element, our activities change and we can be continually engaged and interested. It is a wonderful environment for each of us.
Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
I love my job! No travelling involved, flexible hours that work around my family, working with an amazing team of dedicated, professional and talented people. I am so proud to be part of The Social Element! We receive excellent training and there is ongoing support throughout all aspects of our work.
Community ManagerCommunity Manager
If a business culture can be both cozy and professional, then that's The Social Element...
Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
Aside from location independence and schedule flexibility, you get to meet dedicated people from different parts of the globe and learn a lot of new things from them. How cool is that!
Project Team Leader at The Social ElementProject Team Leader at The Social Element
If you have the self discipline to work from home, then The Social Element is the perfect job. It’s all about team work and all the support you could ever need is right at your fingertips. You learn something new everyday and have many opportunities to advance. Everyone is so kind and caring, all the way up to the CEO.
Moderator at The Social ElementModerator at The Social Element
It is a real treat to work with a company that is so caring about both clients AND staff. The Social Element has a very well deserved top of the line reputation with clients and with workers.
Project Team Leader & MentorProject Team Leader & Mentor
Having joined in the very early days I have grown up with the company. I have learnt common sense, self respect, self motivation, my confidence has exploded. I now work in a variety of roles and cannot really pick which one would be my favourite. I enjoy every aspect of my work.

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